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Maid Right Cleaning Sets New Standards

Maid Right residential cleaning provides superior home cleaning services for busy people. With a company culture built on trust, reliability and excellence in home cleaning, clients benefit from our professional residential cleaning services and proven technologies. Maid Right cleaning crews are led by franchise owners, not hourly employees. Franchise owners have successfully completed a certification program on Maid Right’s branded processes, including cleaning technologies and cleanliness standards. The combination of proprietary processes like EnviroShield® — the same cleaning process used to sanitize hospital operating rooms — and an extensive cleaning regimen make Maid Right the leader in residential cleaning.

Why Choose Maid Right As Your Home Cleaning Service?

With cleaning processes developed and perfected by our sister company JAN-PRO, the leading franchise commercial cleaning company, Maid Right delivers the most advanced cleaning services. We use high-quality products, processes and equipment perfected in commercial cleaning, including:

  • EnviroShield®, a state-of-the-art disinfecting system, which clings to and surrounds the surfaces it touches to kill harmful bacteria.
  • Environmentally safe, hospital-strength cleaning products, which protect your entire home.
  • Backpack vacuums that exceed HEPA filtration standards for deep cleaning and enhanced indoor air quality.
  • Color-coded cleaning cloths that eliminate the transfer of germs from bathrooms to kitchen surfaces.
  • Maid Right franchise owners take pride in delivering exceptional house cleaning services every visit. Contact us today to locate a Maid Right franchise owner near you.

Maid Right Brings Innovations to Home Cleaning

The cleaning industry is a $50 billion business that has grown by 66% over the past decade. The U.S. franchise segment is a $2.2 trillion industry comprising 825,000 individual franchisees who support 20 million employees. Maid Right and JAN-PRO are proud to be leaders in the rapidly expanding residential cleaning and commercial cleaning segments.

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About Our Residential Cleaning Services for Fairfield

Since day one, the team at Maid Right® of Fairfield has strived to deliver the best in residential cleaning services to the Fairfield area. Simply put, we believe that homeowners in Fairfield, Norwalk, and West Port deserve a higher grade of clean when it comes to the health and appearance of their homes.

That’s why we use our three-system cleaning process, an innovative approach that covers the way we plan, deliver, and track our cleaning services. These three systems — Maid Right Signature Clean®, Maid Right Technics®, and Maid Right Tracker® — have set us apart from other residential cleaning services in the Fairfield area.

Maid Right Signature Clean®

Our services start with Maid Right Signature Clean®, a wide-ranging training and standards program that lays the foundation for an exceptional clean. Under Signature Clean®, every Maid Right owner has undergone extensive training in the latest house cleaning strategies and technologies. Signature Clean® also sets strict and rigorous standards for the way our services are planned. It places a focus on customized cleaning, with your cleaning plan tailored to your home’s specific cleaning needs.

Maid Right Technics®

Residential cleaning services from Maid Right of Fairfield are delivered using the Maid Right Technics® suite of cleaning products and equipment. Maid Right Technics® gives our cleaners access to professional-grade cleaning materials, all of which are 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly, and family-safe. It also includes exclusive systems like EnviroShield®, our one-of-a-kind germ and odor neutralization system.

Maid Right Tracker®

All residential cleanings performed by Maid Right of Fairfield are tracked and measured using the Maid Right Tracker® system. The core of the Maid Right Tracker® system is our detailed, checklist-based evaluations, which we perform after every cleaning of your home. These evaluations allow our cleaners to make sure that no spot has been missed. This system also includes communication logbooks that make it easy for you to track our work, as well as provide feedback to help hold cleaners accountable.

Residential Cleaning Services for Fairfield

Bringing all three of these systems together has made Maid Right of Fairfield the trusted residential cleaning service provider for Fairfield, Norwalk, and West Port. Our reputation for attention to detail, spotless results, and attending to the needs of our customers has earned us the trust of countless southwest Connecticut homeowners.

Call (203) 945-0370 today to book a free residential cleaning service estimate by Maid Right of Fairfield.